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Euroasian Advances Limited is an investment/lending company focused on large project finance. The company was founded in the 1960's by a well-recognized global property developer, Mr. Dean Wentworth. After experiencing first hand the problems facing project finance, Mr. Wentworth devoted his efforts to solving the inefficiencies of institutional project finance. Low loan to value (LTV) ratios, the exclusion of some key costs, uniform guidelines, and self-protecting employees making decisions for funding the projects were just a few of the many inefficiencies limiting strong projects from successful funding.

Euroasian's unique project lending methodology is a direct result of Mr. Wentworth's industry knowledge and understanding of project finance. Mr. Wentworth has been on both sides of project financing, both as an investor and as a project owner. Mr. Wentworth has created a simple formula, with two requirements, designed to ease to ciaos associated with project finance. The first requirement of the program is that we require a "security deposit" equal to ten percent of the loan amount. However, we can add that amount on the loan and pay it back at closing. Secondly, Mr. Wentworth requests a meeting to discuss the project in person.
Under this program:
Financing 100% Of The Total Project Cost.
Financing The Cost Of The Land.
If You Already Own The Land, But There Is Mortgage Lien On The Property, We Will Provide Funding To Pay All The Debts On The Land.
Refunding The 10% "Security Deposit: At The Time Of Closing.
Financing The Due Diligence Study Fee On The Loan.
Financing The Loan Points And Closing Costs On The Loan.
Once You Begin Your Project, You'll Actually Have Zero Out Of Pocket Expense.
The "Security Deposit" Is Requested Only After Your Project Passes The Due Diligence Study And You Have Received An Unconditional Commitment Letter From Euroasian For Your Loan.
The Interest Rate Is 2% Over One Year Libor (Libor Is Currently 4.9%). This Would Imply A Full Interest Rate Of 6.9%

We structure your payments according to your cash flow, and can delay them if necessary. The minimum loan amount is $10 million USD, but one can put several projects together to reach the minimum loan amount.

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