David Copperfield offers a Private Island puzzle

david_copperfieldDavid Copperfield may be known as the master of magic but he has also recently edited the Private Islands. This magazine is popular with dentist surgeries that take place in offshore tax harbors which are scattered throughout the world. So the celebrity has just shared a piece of information and advice with the audience of the real estate news magazine on what to do with private islands.

The point number one states that perfect weather is ensured for all private islands for sale. However, those who are used to socializing a lot may be disappointed as there will not be anybody to socialize with on the island. The staff will find many places to hide from demanding masters as there is bountiful vegetation like palm trees on these islands.

The one question that is not asked is regarding the price of the island. However, for those who are interested, David Copperfield has several unsold islands in the Bahamas which might be on sale.

If one wishes to reach their newly purchased private island, they should use the Cirrus Vision SF50 jet which is developed for such a mission. However, one needs to brace for a bumpy landing as none of the islands have a runway.

A typical dream island is hard to be imagined without ornate chandeliers which is characteristic of Michael Winner. The puzzle is to find the dream island which could be anywhere from London to New York and is waiting to be discovered. One also needs to consider that the ready and mysterious island might be similar to the other known ones and one may die of boredom after reaching the island.

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